Welcome to Momentum discs

Momentum Discs is a new company founded by five partners that took over the former brand of Momentum Discgolf. Our wide range of experience will create a great product with high quality and nice design. As Swedes we take pride in our heritage and want to implement the typical Swedish design on the market, that’s why our base stamps are minimalistic and clean.

With the knowledge of the plastic industry and the commercial side of dicsgolf we want to develop the highest quality discs that are out there, so our R&D will constantly be working to bring you even better discs and push the limits of what’s possible.

We are starting this company with our heritage line of Impetus and Gain which is the former pretty fly and slim from Momentum discgolf, but we are already working on our first new discs that we want to show who the new Momentum discs are. 

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